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Soluble Humic Acid Complex Urea



Humic Acid 65%
Solubility 99%
Humic Acid-Urea Complex Nitrogen 6%

Moisture 2%



Uptaking urea rates high to 85% - 95%.
It can prolong and promote N uptake, improve fertilizer utilization rate. Use of humic acid urea rate of 85% - 95%
Normal Urea: the utilization rate of urea: 30%-40%

Acting Mechanism:
1) utilization mechanism analysis

Urea (N ≥ 46.4%) is ammonium acid nitrogen fertilizer, the nitrogen required by the urinary urea enzyme secreted by bacteria decomposition into ammonium nitrogen, can be absorbed by the plant, the utilization rate is generally 30%-40%, fertilizer utilization rate is low, and volatile, environmental pollution, soil compaction problems.

2) fertilizer Efficiency Prolonging

Humic acid urea is a complex. Humic acid has strong cation exchange capacity and adsorption capacity can inhibit the urinary enzyme activities, slow down the decomposition of urea, reduce the volatilization, and gradually release nitrogen fertilizer and prolonged urea nutrients.

3) promote N uptake

Humic acid biological activity can promote root growth and nitrogen metabolism, promote the absorption of nitrogen.

Main Ingredients comparison
Humic acid complex Urea: Main ingredients: organic matter, nitrogen, humic acid urea, humic acid, in the elements of calcium, magnesium, sulfur:, trace elements, boron, manganese, zinc: iron, copper, molybdenum and so on.
Normal Urea: Main ingredients: urea nitrogen

Analysis on crop effect comparison

To promote the normal growth and development of plants, increase plant resistance to disease, improve quality, increase the yield of 15-25%

Mechanism of action:

Humic acid, humic acid urea in trace elements and other nutrients is a kind of chelate, first: humic acid chelated trace elements can be easily absorbed by plants, is conducive to the absorption of root and foliar absorption. To promote the absorption of trace elements from the root to the land transfer, diffusion from the part of the blade to blade, which can promote the normal growth and development of plants.


enhance photosynthesis and chlorophyll content of plants, increase plant resistance

Mechanism of action:

Humic acid urea in plant leaves reduced stomatal opening degree, to support transpiration, reduce water consumption, the water status in plant improvement, ensure the plants under drought conditions for normal growth and development. At the same time as the humic acid exhibits amphoteric colloid, high surface activity, make the cell permeability and swelling pressure increase, improve the cell sap concentration, increased plant drought, flood, wind resistance, lodging resistance. Because humic acid has inhibitory effect on fungi, so it can prevent rot, root rot, is more effective than other chemical pesticides.

Comparison of effect on Soil

Humic acid urea:


improve the water retention ability of soil and fertilizer, promote root growth, soil microbial activity increased

Mechanism of action:

promote the formation of soil aggregate structure, increase soil exchange capacity, adjust the soil pH, loosen the soil, regulate soil, water, fertilizer, gas, heat, and make a compact soil is loose, improve the ecological environment, and promote microbial activity, increase the number of beneficial microorganisms in soil, increase the soil enzyme activity. In order to promote the conversion rate of soil organic and inorganic. Promote the formation of recycling of nutrients and plant life activity of enzyme. At the same time has inhibitory effect on fungi, and can make the surface soil salinity decreases gradually.