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Chitosan Power---Chitosan Oligo Saccharin Liquid


Effective ingredients:

Organic Matter ≥50g/L

Total N ≥50g/L

P2O5 ≥40g/L

K2O ≥30g/L

Chelated Cu ≥0.2g/L

Chelated Zn ≥0.1g/L 

Prevent plant infection from fungal, bacterial and virus-like diseases, as well as restrain nematodes significantly, trough inducing production of antibiotic substances.
Activate and strengthen plant immune system to improve anti-stress capability, thus to increase crops growth vigor. Rapidly correct present or hidden deficiency of Cu and Zn.

Recommended Application:
Seed soaking: Diluted with water by 1:600-800
Foliage spray: Diluted with water by 1:1000-1200;
Spray 2-3 times during seedling and fruit growing stage periord.
Root irrigation: Diluted with water by 1-800-1000;
2-3 times during seedling stage and growth stage.
Prohibition: Do not use it by mixing alkali with agrochemicals.

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Normal Package: 1L/5L/20L/200L/2000L

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