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Irion Man---EDDHA-Fe( 3.3/3.5/4.2/4.5/4.8)



Description and Functions

•EDDHA-Fe6 is a fertilizer, manufactured from soluble micro granules, containing iron-EDDHA, a chelate conceived specifically for root zone, applications alkaline soils.
•The chelated iron-EDDHA used in the prevention and in the cure this micro-deficiency, the most efficient among the treatments on the soil. The iron EDDHA is recognized for its characteristic of  high stability to elevated pH (up to pH 11) and without spraying, is the best  solution for ferric chlorosis.
EDDHA-Fe6 should be applied to the soil in the proximity of the roots or by drip irrigation prevents and cures ferric chlorosis.  It supplies a persistent and fast way to supply iron in the proper amount for the growth of plants



Application field


After leaves fall and before vegetative renewal; when there are symptoms of deficiency.
After transplanting and during the development of fruits and of flowers; when there are symptoms of Deficiency After seeding and when there are symptoms of Deficiency.