Black Giant K
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Black Giant K



Black Giant K

The Family of Humic Potassium

Black Giant K1---68% humic 12%fulvic acid
Black Giant K2---80% humic acid 
Black Giant K3---70% humic acid
Black Giant K4---60% Humic Acid



Soil Management

• Increase Soil Fertilizer Holding
• here are many function perssads in the molecular structure of humic acid(such as hydroxyl, phenolic hydroxyl group) and they have good ion exchange.
• Stimulate beneficial microbial activity
• Some active substances of humic acid are growth matrix and regulator of soil microbe, so humic acid can make probiotics grow rapidly, regulate microflora structure, improve soil microbe diversity, reduce soil-borne disease.
• Promote soil release effective nutrition
Humic acid can enhance soil alkaline phosphatase activity, accelerate the transformation from organic phosphorus to effective phosphorus, improve soil phosphorus ability. Humic acid can complex with some trace elements (such as Fe, Cu AI, Zn, Mg which exist by undissolved-salt) to increase the absorption of crops。


        Soil Reform and Enhancer---Humic Acid Powder/Flake




Our humic acid is a natural additive for fertilizers to improve the structure of the soil and increase the fertility with slow release effect.

Typical Analysis



Function & Benefits

1) Optimize the structure of soil to increase the buffering power and fertility.
2) Neutralize both acidic and alkaline soil to release the beneficial metal ions, thus promote absorption by plants.
3) Promote plants growth also largely crease the yield and quality
4) Increase the plants’ ability to anti drought,frost under stressed conditions.
5) Detoxify the herbicide and pesticide.
4). Direction for use


Soil application:

Base fertilizer:

For field crop, 50-100kgs/ha per crop season.
For fruit trees, 1-2kgs per plant.
For vegetables, 1-2kg/m2.
Mix additive: 30-60kgs per ton of composite.


Nitro-Humic Acid

Advantages: the only acidic humic acid and suitable for alkaline soil condition.


1. Property Nitro Humic Acid is a kind of high polymer heterogeneous aromatic material contains hydroxyl, carboxyl, phenolic hydroxyl, nitryl and other active groups with black brown powder or granular appearance. As high dispersion colloidal material, it’s acidic, slightly soluble in water.

2. Specification:


Powder Flake Organic matter 80-85%;

Humic acid 65%-70%  ;

Total nitrogen:2.0%; 

Compressive strength (N) 4.0min; 

Size rate (2 - 5mm)

3. Application:


It becomes a multi-functional compound fertilizer when combined with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. It also can be used as soil ameliorator, plant growth stimulator and fertilizer efficiency improver and drilling fluid stabilizer.